Weekly Summary Week 11

Its week 11 and the number 11 makes me think of this video… Im half Scottish so its relevant to my family and I lol

I decided to change my mind about riding solo into the agency and instead, work with Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick to create an agency… I know I know… WTF? Ill explain why we are working together in the Lova Finda Agency┬ánext week!

For my 10 STARS this week, I did the following:

Character Resume

Pinteresting Character

Color Walk Time Lines

I also commented on blogs which can be found here!

Two Daily creates which included writing a poem and creating a birthday card for Maggie Black. Those can be found here!

Lastly, I still owe the class our video project from last week!!


One thought on “Weekly Summary Week 11

  1. Good work on the video!

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