Week 13 – say what??

Week 13 – Johnny and I have wrapped up the night driver case. Boo-Yaaa

We began by posting the ITCC security surveillance video. This allowed us to identify suspects and provide leads to new clues. That video can be found here!

Next, Corner pocket and I posed our weekly posts. these posts consist of discussions on the weeks activity. a discussion on the surveillance cam, a interview with Rick Owens, the eagle patrol detective, and lastly, an update concerning the outcome of the case. Here is a link to those updates.

Lastly, I wrote in my DIE-ary. I have explained what exactly happened after the 6th update which was a doosey. This is a crucial post as its the most important to the case.

Jim asked the love finda agency to get the game back… we failed. Johnny and I know who has it though and we hope Jim is appreciative of it. Dammit Lena!



Love Finda out

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