6 thoughts on “Pintresting Character

  1. Your Pinterest page is very suave and fancy. I love it! I see that you put a lot of effort into choosing the right things to represent you, Jota! Good work!
    Jewel out.

  2. This was done very nicely! I love how you include all aspects of your character’s life on Pintrest in such a fun and simple way!

  3. Brian Christiansen

    Good pins! We actually have a few similar ones!

  4. Your pins were super clever, and seem to really fit your personality…which is the point. If those pictures are accurate descriptions of your night club, I may have to stop in if I’m ever in MIA.

  5. I really liked how you have a mixture of pins capturing multiple interests. It gave me more insight on who your character is. Great work! :)

  6. The club life board on your pinterest looks like fun, just be careful while you’re out to treat the women you’re around well.

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