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Audio Assignment – Emotions Through Sound

I had to try to convey a certain emotion, such as fear, stress, sadness, etc. by combing sound effects. I chose stress(FREE)! I had to use 4 sound clips and combine them to make a sound story of emotion. I went to and dowloaded 4 sounds, birds chirping, water flowing, beer cracking, and gulp sighing. I used audacity for the assignment and uploaded all four sounds in. I made the birds chirp and water flow for a little before I opened my beer to show that Im in no rush. Im in a total relaxed mood. I then timed the signing after to the beer opening to show a chronological ordering of events. Lastly, I added a fade out effect to the birds and water near the end so the ending wouldn’t be so abrupt. Enjoy.

Im really enjoying this new temporary life outside of Miami. Maggie Black has been a great host but is still acting kind of weird ever since she has talked to Jack… Anyways, this is me in a non-stressed mood/emotion outside in the back yard. it has quickly become my favorite place to hang out and crack a cold one!


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  1. This was very relaxing to listen to. You incorporated so many different sounds from the outdoors that it made me look outside and be disappointed to see the snow. It made me think of a spring/summer setting with the birds chirping and the beer being open. It was very believable in how you layered all of these sounds together.

  2. Brian Christiansen

    This was torture to listen too(in a good way). I hate the winter and this was a spot on representation of spring/summer. Good work.

  3. This made me want to go somewhere warmer for sure! I love all of these sounds because being outdoors is one of my favorite places to be! I felt like I was on a beautiful hike enjoying the sounds of nature. Great job!

  4. Thanks all! Ha listening to this is kinda torture with the weather we’ve been having.

  5. One important thing to remember is to give credit to the sounds you use from freesound. You need to include title, author, and link back to the sound you borrowed for your work.

  6. I love the sounds of Spring! It reminded me of laying out tanning in the backyard or having my window open! LOVED IT.

  7. This was really calming. All the sounds sounded very well mixed together. It makes me want it to spring so I can go outside and read a book under a tree!

  8. This really got me thinking about spring and only want it to come faster!!!

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