I Will Find You and I Will Kill You.


For my last assignment of the week, I chose to make a business card for Lenny, the master-mind of Lenny’s Hitman Service. I figured that he might need some help getting business to practice on before he comes after me. Johnny “Corner Pocket” apparently hired one of his men to take me out after I took his dream girl. Hey Johnny… Theres a reason I got her and you didn’t.

Photoshop was used. The background of the card is a generic “noir” google search. Then the text tool was put into use to add the information. Super easy.



4 thoughts on “I Will Find You and I Will Kill You.

  1. I love this! It is so simple, but also really speaks to the Noir theme of the class. I also like how the whole background is black, so the left picture naturally blends in with the other parts of the business card.

  2. This is a great business card. I especially love the phone number at the end “Hit-emm.” Its really creative! I also like the reference to Johnny, just rubbing it in his face that she picked Lenny. Good job!

  3. This is great! Very classic noir, and it really communicates the message well. I especially like the background information you give us as to why you made it, that definitely gives some context. (PS: I like the Taken reference in the title)

  4. Brianne Comden

    I really liked this card, I think it is really creative! I love the movie Taken so your title is what really won me over :D oops, but this is a really good design!

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