Dear DIE-ary

Dear DIE-ary,

My Ex-wife tried to kill me today, Lena Meyers. She is a wanted woman now. She has quite the story behind her now too. First a vet student that become a talk show host who interviews famous celebrities, to then marring one of those celebrities (me), to killing a man on live tv, to now stealing a video game… her life is going down hill.

Anyways, this week, she broke into the Love Finda agency headquarters with Mossburg 500 pump action shotgun. She was trying to kill Johnny and I because she had discovered that we had a lead on her stealing the game. Johnny and I were in the middle of our update 6 while this happened… It was a good update.

She fired 7 shots (1 was in the chamber) and miss all of them. Funny how that works… Johnny and I live to see another day. Lena quickly turned and scrambled away before we had the chance to think of what was happening. I had so many questions. I still have so many questions.

Lena Meyers still has the game which means the Love Finda Agency has failed Jim Groom. However, there is good news… I did save 15% or more on my car insurance by switching to Geico. More good news, we know she has it from the finger prints analysis and surveillance video… now we just have to find her. Sorry Jim.



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