Creating Daily Creates, Daily Week 11

Two daily creates were needed this week.

3/30/15 – I had to write a poem of two strangers having a conversation… well… I’ll let you read it before I give too much away.

Roses are red.

Violets are blue

Oh shit you noticed

That I am following you


they definitely noticed I was following them… Creep level: Max

4/1/15 – For my second daily create, I made Maggie Black a birthday card!

Noir Birthday Card

I typed noir into image Google search and found this image of a noir cat. I opened it in photoshop and added text, to make it personal. I also added a little cut pun in there… I know.. Im so clever!

Hahahah had to share this scene from Super Trooper.

3 thoughts on “Creating Daily Creates, Daily Week 11

  1. These are awesome. I really dig both of them.
    When you were doing the poem, did they try to ditch you somehow? Or did they turn around and stop? Either would’ve been pretty funny.

    On the meow/now note, solid Super Troopers reference.

  2. Tiffany Yowell

    I got the reference to Super Troopers as soon as I saw “meow.” I like your poem and of course I also like the birthday card!

  3. Haha creepy… Also, love your bday card

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