Case Update – L|O|V|E|F|I|N|D|A

Our Agency has been hard at work. We decided to keep everything in audio updates. These posts will reflect our agency’s progress and be a means of communication to our followers that are concerned about the missing cartridge

Update 1

Update 2

Update 3

We created a poster that we will post in the ITCC Center in hopes this will bring us a lead. As new detectives, we believe that awareness is a crucial factor of importance to find this game.

Lost Night Rider


We are still currently producing the security video and that will be posted next week. Johnny and I are trying to make sure we have enough video evidence before we jump to conclusions.

Next, expect a diary post from both Johnny and I this next week. This post will reflect our opinion of each other and as well as our progress. This will be a nice addition to our audio updates as we can express ourselves with writing. We will also be alone so we wont have each other’s influence at that time.

Until our next update,

Jota out


One thought on “Case Update – L|O|V|E|F|I|N|D|A

  1. On update 1: Did you ever think we used the Lovefinda Agency to find this game for a reason? Also, You two need to start a podcasts, you work beautifully together. I love these updates.

    Update 2: “A lotta trial and error” -who are you the Lebowski. You are an interesting mix of the Dude and the MacKenzie Brothers in these update :)

    Update 3: You don’t work on the weekend? What the hell kind of agency are you? Also, you two are really not cut out for this business. I am paying good money for you to find my cartridge, get off your pool playing, club-owning a**es and find Night Driver or there will be hell to pay!!!

    Also, the surveillance camera idea is brilliant, FYI. I love it.

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