Fall 2011

BUAD Principles of Accounting I
ECON Princp of Macroeconomics
MATH Intro to Statistics
PHYD Intercollegiate Soccer-Men
SOCG The Social World

Spring 2012

BUAD Principles of Accounting II
ECON Princp of Microeconomics
ENGL Art of Literature
FSEM the Art of Mathematics
MATH Finite Math with Applications
PHYD Intercollegiate Soccer-Men

Fall 2012

BUAD Applied Statistics & Research
COMM Public Speaking
PHYD Intercollegiate Soccer-Men
PSYC General Psychology
THEA Intro to Theatre

Spring 2013

ARTS Design Principles
BUAD Mgmt Information Syst & Applic
BUAD Legal Environment of Business
PHYD Intercollegiate Soccer-Men
SPAN Intensive Beginning Spanish

Summer 2013

SPAN Intermed Spanish 201
SPAN Intermed Spanish 202

Fall 2013

BUAD Perspect on Organiz in Society
BUAD Principles of Marketing
BUAD Decision Analysis
DANC Dance Improvisation
PHYD Intercollegiate Soccer-Men

Spring 2014

BUAD Principles of Management
BUAD Business Communication
BUAD Principles of Finance
BUAD Marketing Research
CPSC The Internet:Tech,Info,Issues
PHYD Intercollegiate Soccer-Men

Fall 2014

BUAD Organizational Develp & Change
BUAD Operations Management
BUAD Business Ethics
BUAD Consumer Behavior
PHYS Elem Astronomy w/lab

Spring 2015

BUAD Strategic Management
COMM Social Media
CPSC Digital Storytelling
PHYS Elemen Astronomy


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