Week 13 – say what??

Week 13 – Johnny and I have wrapped up the night driver case. Boo-Yaaa

We began by posting the ITCC security surveillance video. This allowed us to identify suspects and provide leads to new clues. That video can be found here!

Next, Corner pocket and I posed our weekly posts. these posts consist of discussions on the weeks activity. a discussion on the surveillance cam, a interview with Rick Owens, the eagle patrol detective, and lastly, an update concerning the outcome of the case. Here is a link to those updates.

Lastly, I wrote in my DIE-ary. I have explained what exactly happened after the 6th update which was a doosey. This is a crucial post as its the most important to the case.

Jim asked the love finda agency to get the game back… we failed. Johnny and I know who has it though and we hope Jim is appreciative of it. Dammit Lena!



Love Finda out

Case Update – L|O|V|E|F|I|N|D|A

Our Agency has been hard at work. We decided to keep everything in audio updates. These posts will reflect our agency’s progress and be a means of communication to our followers that are concerned about the missing cartridge

Update 1

Update 2

Update 3

We created a poster that we will post in the ITCC Center in hopes this will bring us a lead. As new detectives, we believe that awareness is a crucial factor of importance to find this game.

Lost Night Rider


We are still currently producing the security video and that will be posted next week. Johnny and I are trying to make sure we have enough video evidence before we jump to conclusions.

Next, expect a diary post from both Johnny and I this next week. This post will reflect our opinion of each other and as well as our progress. This will be a nice addition to our audio updates as we can express ourselves with writing. We will also be alone so we wont have each other’s influence at that time.

Until our next update,

Jota out


Weekly Summary Week 11

Its week 11 and the number 11 makes me think of this video… Im half Scottish so its relevant to my family and I lol

I decided to change my mind about riding solo into the agency and instead, work with Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick to create an agency… I know I know… WTF? Ill explain why we are working together in the Lova Finda Agency next week!

For my 10 STARS this week, I did the following:

Character Resume

Pinteresting Character

Color Walk Time Lines

I also commented on blogs which can be found here!

Two Daily creates which included writing a poem and creating a birthday card for Maggie Black. Those can be found here!

Lastly, I still owe the class our video project from last week!!


Weekly Summary Turns the Big One OH


This is weekly summary week 10!

I started my week off with some daily creates!

My favorite of the 3 was my time lapse

Next, I was requested to be interviewed… I’m surprised they didn’t ask me about my night club…

Next task I completed required me to have communications with fellow agents. It was risky but I managed to comment without a problem. After that, the Inside Talking crew found out that we would not be able to meet this week. This means no completed video today, but soon! I still did a video update that can be found here. Lastly, I decided I am gonna go and create my own agency and ride solo this time.


Weekly Summary Week 9


Week 9 is coming to a wrap and the weather is changing… That has nothing to with DS106 but I thought I would include it as a nice reminder.

This week I tweeted along with a radio show on ds106radio

Here a link to my post on that: The Tune Squad Radiolisten

Next I wrote up a final reflection on my groups radio show that was aired this past Monday!

I also completed two daily creates this week. I combined the two into one post which can be found here!

A dream staircase tdc1163


Junk mail art

Instead of doing the video assignments, I got with Landon and Christine to create a video over the next two weeks. You can find my blog post on our update of that  below along with the completed trailer!

Inside Talking Video Update

Lastly, I created a video essay on cinematic techniques in a scene in Notorious by Alfred Hitchcock. That blog post title is called Notorious Video Essay… I know,, I know, super creative lol


Weekly Summary Week 8

HC News Spring Break_0

Yeah that was me last Monday… This week was tough because it was hard to get into the grove of it again. Before SB2K15, I was in a rhythm and on top of my work… This week not so much. However, I did complete all of my work in time to go out today and enjoy the weather here in good ole Fredericksburg today.

My inspired post came from the heart a lot more that I anticipated it would. I never really sat down to deeply observe and appreciate others work. The comments over the last few weeks started the process but the inspire really kicked it up to the next level!


Landon Epperly and I worked together… and against each other to get our 10 stars done for the week. It was fun working with an other individual who can bring a new perspective on ideas. My 10 stars are linked below:

I Will Find You and I Will Kill You

Lena Meyers <3

A Little More About Jota

Next I posted 10 comments on fellow classmate’s posts

My Comments

I had to complete 3 daily creates this week

Creating Daily Creates, Daily Week 8

Next I had to tune into a radio show and write a reflection

Noir D&D Reflection

Lastly, I had to create a twitter and a gmail for Jota.

I already had both set up from earlier in the semester so that worked out nice. I posted the accounts in the A Little More About Jota post at the end but here they are again!

Twitter: @eljotadinero

Gmail: eljotadinero@gmail.com

Tweet at me.






This weekly summary is not just a normal weekly summary, its also the debut of That Group’s Radio Show: Inside Talking Which is just over 36 minutes

We are super excited to share this with everyone as we are more than pleased with how it came out in the end. Many hours were put into this project and you can find two updates of the process found in links below:

Update #1 week one (last week)

Update #2 week two

We also had to do at least 10 comments on other’s posts this week. This was a little harder than last week dud to the fact that there were no assignments. Only daily creates and a radio show update. Things began to look repetitive so it was hard to create a unique comment at times. Here is a link to  post that has links to my ten comments.

Lastly, we were responsible for completing three daily creates.

1. What is Joy?

2. Im Feeling Blue and Orange

3. #Heelconcept

My favorite out of the three was the fist one with creating a video of 5 things that bring you joy. I think the assignment came out better than the rest. However, I did think the blue and orange made me laugh the most… lol I look ridiculous!


Radio Command 10-4, Over

This week wasn’t quite as busy, however; I believe this wont last as it is the calm before the storm with the radio show being due a week from now.

Storm beach waves noosa Calm before the storm

Here is the summary of my week with links to each post.

Radio Show Progress: Progress is a Good Thing. Our group, appropriate named “That Group” is in the middle of working on a noir themed radio show to be listened to over #DS106Radio. We plan to meet a few more times this week to make sure we really knock this project out of the park!

Radio Show Design Project: I had to create a radio bumper to promote our radio show that we are creating. I am really happy with how it came out… Its actually kind of sad how many times I have listened to it on my own time. Promoting Inside Talking / DS106 Radio is the name of that post.

Radio Listen-along:


Commenting: This week was a week to improve our commenting skills and increase participation. We had to comment on a minimum of 10 fellow classmates blog post and give our insight. Im not going to lie, I have not been the best at commenting in recent weeks and this really helped me out by realizing the benefits. I created a blog post called Do Not, Not, Comment. Commenting expanded my view on assignments as well as lead me to thinking of some pretty cool ideas. Lastly, it feels good when someone leaves you a nice note about your work, feeling appreciated in a way haha

Audio Assignments: I had to complete 10 stars under the audio assignments this week.

Mmmm Queso… 3.5 STARS

In this assignment, I had to create a cheesy (Reason for title) radio ad for my school. It was fun to crack some jokes at the university… all in good humor of course.

Jota is 3 STARS

I had to try to convey a certain emotion, such as fear, stress, sadness, etc. by combing sound effects. I tried to create the emotion of Unstressed (the opposite of stress). I would say relaxed but I don’t think that is an emotion. For the title of this post, I actually just forgot to finish it… I guess I got distracted halfway typing it and didn’t notice until I posted it. When I did finally realize, I laughed and actually kinda liked it so I left it.

Find Me in my Castle 3.5 STARS

For this audio assignment, I had to (dramatically) read the lyrics of one song and then add the music of another completely random song to create an abstract musical remix. I read Castle by Macklemore due to its crazy lyrics


Designing my weekly post

Its that time of the week again folks. The time when I gather up all of the work I have done over the week and put it in one neat, organized blog post. This week covered design which is a concept that is unique to everyone. Everyone has opinions on what looks good and what things do not go well with other things… “things” is a very broad word and I do not particularly like to use that word because of the fact, so I am sorry. But yeah, we had a list of assignments and tasks to complete as usual which I have completed over the last week. You can find all of the weeks work below with greater detail and explanation of each in the original assignments blog post!

Read and Reflect on The Vignelli Canon:

The Vignelli Cannon – Massimo Vignelli wrote this fairly short design booklet and I wrote a reflection of what I though of it. It covered a wide array of topics all falling under design which was interesting to to compare and contrast. For example, the tangible and intangible aspects of design

Watch some films: Your choice: 

The Story of a Dude - I watched the Coen Brother’s The Big Lebowski this week. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it just as a good story with good acting. My post was was a reflection dealing with design within this noir film.

Complete a DesignBlitz: 

D e s i g n - There was 10 concepts of design listed in the assignment, and I had to pick any 4 and capture it with a photograph.

Do your DailyCreates:

Creating Daily Creates, Daily pt. 4 - I had to draw that David for his Birthday, show off my creative hands, and reveal my super power to the public. Hahah check it out!

Complete at least 12 stars of design assignments: With one assignment being 4 or more stars.

Jota as a Cartoon? - 2 STARS

I Command You to be Motivated - 3 STARS

Jim is Practically Famous - 4.5 STARS

Read this with Your Eyes - 2.5 STARS

Inform Yourself about Copyright & Creative Commons:

© – This week I thought about copyright and the Creative Commons initiative that has sprung up as a response to copyright law and wrote a reflection concerning the topic.

(If you’re ready) Submit your assignment ideas and/or write up your tutorials: I was not ready this week. This will be completed in the near future!

Weekly Summary Numero Tres for El Jota

Another week in the record books and Thejota.com is continuing to grow. This week focused on the audio aspect of storytelling and noir which is now well known to be a crucial aspect of any storytelling piece. As always, I have been blogging my assignments and just like last week, I went into greater detail of the assignment and how I did in the actual blog post in comparison to here where this post brings it all together neatly. So lets get started!

Think about Audio Storytelling: http://www.thejota.com/ds106/audio-reflection/

I went against what I said in the beginning of the semester… I waited till the last minuted to do this particular assignment and Im going to try my hardest to not do that again. We had to watch two opening clips of the same movie with different background audio and compare the two. We also had to reflect on a reading we chose out of two choices and we also had to live tweet ds106 radio for one hour for one night.

Complete 2 Daily Creates: http://www.thejota.com/ds106/creating-daily-creates-daily-pt-3/

I wasn’t much of a fan of the daily creates this week :/ Oh well, i’m looking forward to them this coming week. On February 4th, I captioned a photo of a puppy sitting in the grass and on February 7th, I participated in International Dot Day.

Create a Radio Bumper: http://www.thejota.com/ds106/bumpin/

This was my favorite assignment all week because

  1. I knew how to operate audacity fairly well at this point.
  2. It was featured on the ds106 radio!
  3. It cam out better than any other of my other audacity projects for the week.

Complete 8 Stars of Audio Assignments: http://www.thejota.com/ds106/what-is-jota-doing/ (Sound effect story), http://www.thejota.com/ds106/all-hail-jota/ (Jota’s new theme song), and http://www.thejota.com/ds106/my-self-reflection/ (DS106 self-reflection)

The sound effect story was my first audacity project EVER and it took me forEVER to do it. Freesound.org was super useful creating this story made of sound effects. it came out better than I thought it would but Im one to believe there is always room for improvement.

Brainstorm Radio Show Ideas: http://www.thejota.com/ds106/a-storm-be-brewin/

This radio show is not until down the road but it cant hurt to start planning now. It was neat to read everyones ideas and Im looking forward to this assignment. I went with the Jimmy Fallon style of a late night interview. comical approach with students characters was my recommendation.

As always, I got into WAY more detail in each of these assignments in their respective blog post. Im really happy I learned about the audacity tool. It wont only be useful in this class as I can see my self using it after school for personal projects!

In other news… Better Call Saul premier on AMC tonight. IM STOKED for it. Its based off the character Saul from Breaking Bad, my all time favorite tv show, who is a lawyer who finds himself in unbelievable situations!

Anyways, Its been a pleasure,