Inside Talking – Final Reflection

“Complete a final reflection post about your radio show, focussing in particular on what it was like to listen to your show live, receive comments/criticism, etc. What would you do differently, if you had a chance? What did you enjoy the most about this project? What was the hardest thing about this project? What advice would you give to future ds106 students as they begin the radio show project?”


First off, I want to say I had a blast working on this project. It even made it into my Inspire posts last week. I love the fact how we all came together and all added our own personalities into the project which made it so great. Nobody half-assed it so that was nice… Sometimes you get into a group project and you have that one team member that doesn’t really understand the whole “team” concept… The hardest part of the assignment/ project was the audio editing for sure. 12 hours alone went into it but it definitely paid off! I don’t really have any complaints or things I would change other than maybe trying to add more of the noir genre into the dialog. Minor details lol. For advice, I would definitely make sure you can communicate with everyone… its just like every other group project you do for school… the best projects are the ones that aren’t rushed and the most stressful ones are the ones you submit 3 and a half minutes before its due. Also, have fun with it… We got a little crazy with what we said in the dialog and I would say it worked in our favor!


The Tune Squad radiolisten

I listened along to The Tune Squad’s radio show and commented on Twitter using the #noir106 hashtag. Their show premiered Monday the 16th right after my radio show, Inside Talking. If I remember correctly, they made an alternate ending to a noir piece we worked on earlier in the semester, The Killers.

It was very creative and one thing that stuck in my head was “Chicken Parm.” haha I don’t know why. The tweet above was during either a commercial or bumper but it was awesome!

One thing that was brought up after the show was that it seemed that it may have been recorded in a public area that was a little noisy. It was kind of distracting which made it hard to follow at times. Lastly, I wish I remembered The Killers a little better… probably would have made everything flow better for me.



This weekly summary is not just a normal weekly summary, its also the debut of That Group’s Radio Show: Inside Talking Which is just over 36 minutes

We are super excited to share this with everyone as we are more than pleased with how it came out in the end. Many hours were put into this project and you can find two updates of the process found in links below:

Update #1 week one (last week)

Update #2 week two

We also had to do at least 10 comments on other’s posts this week. This was a little harder than last week dud to the fact that there were no assignments. Only daily creates and a radio show update. Things began to look repetitive so it was hard to create a unique comment at times. Here is a link to  post that has links to my ten comments.

Lastly, we were responsible for completing three daily creates.

1. What is Joy?

2. Im Feeling Blue and Orange

3. #Heelconcept

My favorite out of the three was the fist one with creating a video of 5 things that bring you joy. I think the assignment came out better than the rest. However, I did think the blue and orange made me laugh the most… lol I look ridiculous!


A “That Group” Update

Many hours have been spent in the ITCC Audio room and its starting to take its toll on us. We are starting to get funny looks at us from people who walk by because it looks as if we will never leave. However, its all paying off. Our work is coming together and it is fantastic! I am super stoked to share the final project. We have finished all the commercials, bumpers, and actual talk show recordings… This just leaves the editing part and putting it all together. I hope to have this done by tonight!! Wish me luck!



Progress is a Good Thing


Im in group: That Group

That Group consists of Landon Epperly, Shannon Grubbs, Brian Coulet, Christine loehr, Lexy Maratellos, and myself.

We created a group google doc. and we laid out all the requirements that needed to be met. Once the fundamentals on the document was complete, we started a group text and agreed on a time to meet at the ITCC. At that point we came up with a guideline script as well as figure out the bumpers and commercials. Tomorrow (Sunday, Feb. 22), We are completing all of the bumpers and commercials as a team. This will allow us to focus all week on the actual show. We plan do be done with that step by next Friday (Feb. 27) so we can edit it all on the weekend, the weekend its due! This was a little post on our progress and I am excited to the next week.


Now that we have a #ds106 radio up and running, I have an assignment to create a 15-30 second radio bumper.

This was a fun audio assignment, allowing to play with Audacity again. I first wrote down my script for what I would say exactly. After deciding on  “You’re listening to DS106 radio! Stay tuned for more quality content.” I went to my itunes library and listened to a bunch of songs to try and get an appropriate back ground song/sound. I decided on I. Crwal by Childish Gambino, however, I used the instrumental of it. download link is here.

Once that was decided, I opened up Audacity and voice recorded my script in two parts on my iMac mic. I did add some cool echo effects under the effect tab. I then imported the downloaded instrumental, cropped it, and adjusted the timing with the voice recording. Sounds easy, but it took some time.