Creating Daily Creates, Daily Week 11

Two daily creates were needed this week.

3/30/15 – I had to write a poem of two strangers having a conversation… well… I’ll let you read it before I give too much away.

Roses are red.

Violets are blue

Oh shit you noticed

That I am following you


they definitely noticed I was following them… Creep level: Max

4/1/15 – For my second daily create, I made Maggie Black a birthday card!

Noir Birthday Card

I typed noir into image Google search and found this image of a noir cat. I opened it in photoshop and added text, to make it personal. I also added a little cut pun in there… I know.. Im so clever!

Hahahah had to share this scene from Super Trooper.

Creating Daily Creates, Daily Week 10

Week 10 called for 3 daily creates!

A 15 Second Create

For this date’s assignment, we only had 15 seconds to to draw the famous superhero, Batman

I grabbed a pencil, piece of paper, and my iPhone timer. I hit the timer and drew what I could!

15 second Batman

Fingerprint art

For this daily create, we have to make are with our finger print included in it someway… if you couldn’t guess.

Finger Print Pupil

Its kinda hard to see but a graphite copy of my fingerprint is at the center, or the pupil. I kinda made/though of a metaphor for how every eye is unique, similar to a finger print. I drew around the finger print to make an eye. Hahah I’m not the best artist but i am happy with it!

Single Color Scavenger Hunt

I had to do a scavenger hunt of my most hated color in your neighborhood…. Problem is, I don’t have a most hated color. At least I don’t think so. Instead, I decided to learn how to make a time lapse of my neighborhood street. Im only saying this works because there is lots of color within the frame!

I set up my GoPro on my porch on Rowe Street and let it film for an hour or so. I opened the GoPro Video editing software and set the speed for 10,000% lol the result is pretty cool!

Creating Daily Creates, Daily. Week 9

For this week 9, we had to create two daily creates.

March 16th –  I was instructed to draw a staircase, and think about my biggest dream and then draw it at the top of the staircase proceeding to then fill each step with the “steps” you’d have to take to make my biggest dream a reality.

A dream staircase tdc1163

A goal in my life to to buy a Ferrari 458 Italia as its my dream car. Cars have been a part of my life since I was young. To acomplish this goal, I need to pass DS106, graduate from UMW, get a good job, save $250K, and i am set!

March 18th – I gad to grab some junk mail and use it as the background for your art. Paint, color over it, cut it up, make a collage, a storyboard. Recycle into art pretty much.

Junk mail art

I got a newspaper that we get everyday which is considered junk mail to my roommates and I because it normally never makes it inside of our house; it goes straight into the recycle bin. I took two pages and rolled/crumpled them up to make the “DS” and then I cur the “106” out with scissors. Super easy, 5 minutes.

Creating Daily Creates, Daily Week 8

For this week I had to do 3 separate daily creates. @JimGroom said we could argue our daily creates if we ended up spending a lot of time on them… This week was not relatively time consuming so I wont try and debate my argument for all 10 stars for them. Lol, anyways, here they are!

3/9/15 - tdc1156

Marshmallow sculpture. C’mmon, you know you want to! And remember it is art according to the Creator’s Project! Make a video of you making your creation…and eating it too if you want to!

I didn’t have any marshmallows for this projects so i had to make a run to the grocery store for them. I told my roommates that I had to make a sculpture out of them and one roommate suggested I put them in the microwave. I proceeded to put a hand full of them on a plate and set the timer for one minute. Im not sure of the science behind tit, however, they started to puff up and melt at the same time. I accidentally let them sit out and they became all crunchy… it was surprisingly tasty like that haha I would recommend trying it out!

Also, for some reason, my post did not show up on the daily create page. I double checked to make sure it was tagged properly… any suggestions?

3/11/15 - tdc1158

Make an abstract sketch of your favorite moment of this week so far to illustrate it.

Favorite moment this week tdc

I got a quality piece of printer paper and my favorite #2 pencil To illustrate my favorite moment of the week. Playing soccer is always a good time and we had just gotten back from a pickup game. Once I finished the illustration, I took the picture with my iPhone. I tried to upload it to Flickr through my phone which was fine until I couldn’t figure out how to tag it… I ended up going to my computer and adding the tags shortly after.

3/12/15 – tdc1159

What makes you laugh out loud? Create a short video to show us.

For this post, I had to capture something that makes me laugh. My two roommates were playing a quality match of FIFA15 on the XBOX ONE. If you are familiar with FIFA, there is always some good laughs when you are playing. I had my camera running for a wile before I capture a BS goal scored by Matt G. Matt and I were laughing while my other roommate wasn’t so thrilled. I had to edit the video because a 8 minute video would have been too long to with for the actual funny part. I also used the slo-mo feature with added a nice effect to matt’s celebration.

I’m Feeling Blue and Orange

For this Daily create, I had to make (or modify) an image to make it suitable for an action film poster using primarily teal blue and orange hues.


This was photo was take nearly 4 years ago and it is absolutely ridiculous. I used photoshop and started with a blue and orange checkered background. I then uploaded that crazy picture and cropped myself out. This was a little difficult with the wild hair I used to have. Once I was pleased with the crop job, I pasted it on top of the checkered back. Last, I added the text so it would have the “Film poster” look. Haha I don’t even know what to think of this picture that I have Created.

What is Joy?

For today’s Daily Create, I have to post a video to YouTube showing 5 things that brings joy to my life.

1. My Dog, Bert. He is an 8 year old chihuahua and he is incredible. Not yappy and is totally chill. Also, he is quite the ladies man.

2. My 2006 Mustang GT. This is my baby. Over the summer, I love to go on road trips with no destination in mind.

3. Soccer. I grew up playing the sport and it has taught me a lot and allowed me to meet some really cool people.

4. Healthy Eating. Eating good leads to feeling good leads to joy.

5. Friends… duh. Haha

I made this video on iMovie on my iPhone 6 Plus. It was super easy. I had all the photos to make the slide show already in my phone. The transitions between each photo automatically appeared so that was coo. and lastly, the music was a preloaded theme song the app already had. iMovie even had an option to load the video directly to YouTube. iMovie pretty much did all the work hah

Creating Daily Creates, Daily pt. 4

2/9/2015 – Draw a David… That David

That David

I had to draw a David… without knowing that David haha first off, I want to give David an apology for butchering this picture lolol. Anyways, I had to draw David and I used a website called create your own Picassohead which was a lot of fun to use. It gives you a bunch of shapes to play with, really allowing you to be creative. I chose not to use colors simply because I didn’t like the way they made the picture look. I have already revisited the site and made quite a few more just for fun.

2/10/2015 – Make Creative Hands

Creative Hands

What do my creative hands look like? My creative hands are in front of the computer ranging from creating a word doc. to working on a Photoshop or Audacity project. The computer is an extension of the human body and is powerful enough to surpass many peoples imaginations. I took the picture with my GoPro on its tripod. I set it to time lapse with a photo every 2 seconds. This allowed me to take a bunch of photos with both of my hands in the picture. I like the light on my hands from the iMac screen, adding a really cool effect in my opinion.

2/11/2015 – Whats Your Super Power?

Jota's Super Power

Show us your Super power in a photo. Well, funny thing is that my super power is hard to see… Im invisible… 100% invisible. This is an awesome daily create, however, it is quite unfortunate that my super power is nearly impossible to capture. This is me, walking through the forest, by my self, pondering the meaning of life and trying to grasp the concept of our galaxy. It was a peaceful evening in the forest with the birds chirping and the fresh nature air filling my lungs. This is one of my favorite spots to hang out.

Creating Daily Creates, Daily pt.3

This week was a little easier with the the requirement of only two daily creates. Both daily creates I chose this week were pictures that had to be uploaded to Flickr.

2/4/15 – Cute puppy alert


For this assignment I had to create a caption for this particular photograph of this dog. I uploaded the picture to a tweet and tweeted the caption of “Man… I could go for some PUPperoni pizza” Pupperoni is my dongs favorite treat that we get him so I cant take credit for coming up with “PUPperoni” haha also, I realized =I had created the pic, however never uploaded it to Flickr of the same day. I uploaded it this morning and am good to go now!

2/7/15 - International Dot Day


International Dot Day, a global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration, began when teacher Terry Shay introduced his classroom to Peter H. Reynolds’ book The Dot on September 15, 2009.

The Dot is the story of a caring teacher who dares a doubting student to trust in her own abilities by being brave enough to “make her mark”. What begins with a small dot on a piece of paper becomes a breakthrough in confidence and courage, igniting a journey of self-discovery and sharing, which has gone on to inspire countless children and adults around the globe.” – Get Started page on main website

I stenciled a circle (perfectionist side of me) on a piece of paper and made the doe the “o” in “Dot”. I then added the rest of the title of the movement that has been created. I took a picture of it with my iPhone and uploaded it to Flickr with the appropriate tags.

Creating Daily Creates, Daily pt. 2

Week 3 of ds106 and completing 3 daily creates is a requirement!

1/28/15 – Make 2048

I have played this game before, 2048, consuming hours of my life that I will never get back. I guess I saw this daily create and decided to pay tribute to the game…and then never play it again. I had to re-design the game, replacing the classic number tiles with anything that I want. first I decided I was going to use US currency (1$, 5$, etc.) as the “new” tiles because I like money lol next, I had to figure out how to photoshop the new tiles over the old ones. I ended up downloading a collage maker app on my iPhone that offered the same 4×4 format that 2048 is played in. I went to google images on my phone and got pictures of bills and a green square, saved them, and then uploaded them in the collage maker app. Super easy! Can you get to the $1,000,000 tile?

Make 2048

1/29/15 – A Silent Movie About Silence

As you can see, I had some trouble with this one. I had to make a silent movie about silence. I was exhausted when I was thinking how to do this, and BAM, an idea. I decided I was going to recored myself sleeping during a nap. Yeah, I know, its weird and creepy but it got the job done! I set up my GoPro Hero 4+ Silver on its tripod and my iPhone’s alarm for 35 minutes. I hit record and the sack at the same time, having no problem falling asleep. 35 minutes was up in no time and stopped the recording. I uploaded the video to the GoPro editing software and put a night effect on it as well as a 3200% speed increase for the movie. Nobody would want to watch me sleep for 35 minutes haha but yeah, It came out pretty neat I think. I titled the video “My Dreams are Loud” to contrast the title of the assignment.

1/30/15 – Make A Paper Sculpture

The last daily create of the week for me was to create a paper sculpture and record yourself doing so. Easy enough. I had some trouble trying to think what I could build at first, but I decided to go with an all-time classic – the paper airplane. Once again, my Gopro was used, this time suction cupped to my iMac screen for a pretty cool angle. with a clear desk and a fresh piece of printer paper, I began to work my magic, narrating the process along the way too. Its funny because it normally only takes me about  30 seconds to make one of these planes, but this time I kept thinking about the video aspect, slowing me down I guess. The plane came out exactly as planned, woot.