This weekly summary is not just a normal weekly summary, its also the debut of That Group’s Radio Show: Inside Talking Which is just over 36 minutes

We are super excited to share this with everyone as we are more than pleased with how it came out in the end. Many hours were put into this project and you can find two updates of the process found in links below:

Update #1 week one (last week)

Update #2 week two

We also had to do at least 10 comments on other’s posts this week. This was a little harder than last week dud to the fact that there were no assignments. Only daily creates and a radio show update. Things began to look repetitive so it was hard to create a unique comment at times. Here is a link to  post that has links to my ten comments.

Lastly, we were responsible for completing three daily creates.

1. What is Joy?

2. Im Feeling Blue and Orange

3. #Heelconcept

My favorite out of the three was the fist one with creating a video of 5 things that bring you joy. I think the assignment came out better than the rest. However, I did think the blue and orange made me laugh the most… lol I look ridiculous!


Jim is Practically Famous


… I don’t tell my wife.”

^^^Totally just kidding Jim. But seriously, the day has finally come… Where a professor uses his powers for evil and makes their students create magnificent pieces of art reflecting the professor.

For the design assignment, Professor Groom Poster, we’re making basically “a Jim Groom movie/TV show” poster. I had to choose a TV show/Poster and get a picture of Professor Groom. Cut his face out and put it in an episode of your choice/movie and make a poster out of it. I chose a pretty well known commercial instead of a TV show or movie. Jim Groom is now the most interesting man in the world who can apparently parallel park a train and hundreds of other cool things. He is the Dos Equis man!

I am happy on how it came out. I first found a head shot of Jim Groom and a scene from the Dos Equis commercial on google. I saved both photos on my desktop and opened up Adobe Photoshop. I imported both pictures into the program in separate layers. I then cut out Jim’s face with the select tool and saved it on a separate layer, proceeding to add it to the Dos Equis background. I had to adjust the size, placement, and rotation but that was easy enough with the select tool. Saved it as a JPEG file and now i’m here.

As I was doing this, I remembered that this picture is taking place in my characters night club, Jota’s in Miami. I always knew Jim had good taste in night clubs.

“Jim is a big fan of my night club, but he always gets the same damn beer every time but thats okay, some fellas know what they like in life.” – Jota


What is Jota doing?

For this audio assignment I have to tell a story using nothing but sound effects so no verbal communication… only sound effects. I have to use at least five different sounds that you find online and the story can be no longer than 90 seconds. Lastly, It has to be about your ds106 character, in my case , it’s Jota. I forgot to make a post about my character earlier so I think now would be a good time to introduce him as all of my other character assignments wont make sense until I do so.
“One thing for sure, Jota has a dream. He has a desire of owning his own multi-million dollar estate with a supermodel wife, driving a red Ferrari 458 around town. 
Born and raised in one of the party capitals of America, Miami Fl, Jota knows how to boogie like no other. As a 25 year old college graduate, he is taking his chances by opening his own nightclub. His posh grandma is in love with the idea and decided to help fund the business. He also has the brains on how to get it done. Graduating at the top of his class with a degree in Business Management from Miami, Jota has it all.
Jota knows its gonna take a lot of hard work to get his club world known, but he is willing to do what ever it takes…”
Anyways, here is my sound story!

I first downloaded Audacity and played around with that, I even went to the digital knowledge center for some quick tips that really proved to be useful. Afterwards, I had to think of a story to share that would be plausible with my character. Once I gathered my thoughts, I then proceeded to www.freesound.org and created a free account to start downloading sounds. I made a folder on my desktop so I could put all of the sound files in one easy to find location. After I dowloaded all the sounds in order they would appear in the final track, I opened up Audacity and dragged the new sound files from my folder, one-by-one, into the app. It took me a little over a hour and a half to complete this assignment.