The Title of my Blog isn’t Blog…

For my last writing assignment of the week, I chose Whats in a Name? I am assigned the task of explaining why I named my blog the name I gave it. Surpassing the Dimension of Time is the title of my blog… but why?


Thats why.

I was so moved by this movie with the message it gave, I actually wrote it down on my iPhone as soon as I thought of it. “Gravity and love are the only two things that can cross the dimension of time.” This is the lesson I learned. I would have made that quote the title of my blog but I felt it was too long. So in result, I got “Surpassing the Dimension of Time. Time is infinite, but what if love and gravity are much greater than that of time? It may be hard to wrap your mind around it but its something to ponder. I do not know how you create a quote… but what I just said there earlier is probably one of the most meaningful sentences I have ever said.


Im Thankful That I Have Stuff To Be Thankful About

10 seconds. What are you thankful for? On your marks, get set, GO!

For my second writing assignment of the week I chose 10 seconds of thanks. You have 10 seconds to write down as many things you can that your thankful for. I put my iphone stopwatch on and frantically started typing… here is what I came up with!

Family. Health. School. Friends.

it was easy to think of those 4. I was limited to how fast I can type so that sucked. I would have liked more time however I think that time restraint makes you put only your most important. I am so fortunate and lucky to have these 4 things. So many people around the world don’t have these and often for the people who do, they take them for granted.

Family: My family has been there for me since the beginning and still are. I love them more than anything.

Health: I have food and water available every day and have access to medicine that keeps me well.

School: I am getting an education that will allow me to be successful in my near and distant future.

Friends: Life is short and I am glad I am able to share the experience with great people I care about.

This was an activity I think every one should do! I have been told it is good for your health to write down 1 new thing a day that you are thankful for. Its a comparable activity, both with great benefits!


The Shadow of the Shadow

073_TheDeathTriangleScreen Shot 2015-01-24 at 3.57.48 PM


For this writing assignment, I had to write an alternative ending to a piece of noir literature we were required to read for this week. I chose to write an alternative ending for The Shadow: The Death Triangle. Unfortunately, making up stories has never been my strong suit. I remember I had to write a short story in 5th grade and couldn’t think of how to end it… so I made the main character wake up and realize the whole story was a dream… I proceeded to do that for the next three stories I had to write as well. Lets just say my 5th grade teacher was not happy.

I did not enjoy this assignment as much as most… just not my forte. I guess since I did not enjoy it… It is the reason I am having a really hard time writing this post. Blogging about assignments you don’t want to do is just as bad as doing the actual assignment. Oh well. just means that the next post will have a reason to be extra awesome lol

Not gonna lie… I almost made the SHADOW wake up from a out of body dream and realize that he was actually Evans… lol