Life on the Beach

Growing up in Miami has its pluses… Jota is right on the beach in his Florida home. For this visual assignment, I had to take a photo and use an app to crop me somewhere else. I also decided to make this assignment for my character, Jota.

Photo on 1-31-15 at 4.28 PM

Jota took a day trip to the beach! I used my iMacs Photo Booth and had a background of a sunset. All you have to do is let the background clear and once that is done, you step in front of the camera and it does its best to see the changes from the empty background to you in the background. Life is good in Miami! Peep the safari hat… Jota is too pasty to go to the beach without it.



For this Visual Assignment,you had to take the last three objects you had your last three drinks in and arrange them in a pyramid, then telling a story about the three objects. Here are my three:get-attachment-1Classics, huh? Hahah so let me tell you bout my night last night…

Its a Friday night and its time to loosen up with friends after a long week of hard work. I went to the local ABC store and picked up some Fireball cinnamon whiskey, the stuff that helps college kids dance without caring how dumb they look while doing it… After a night out and drinking responsibly, Im in dire need of water. I chug the bottle violently until its empty. I crash right afterwards, sleeping like a rock until noon the next day. My roommates wake me up from my slumber and invite me to get lunch on campus. I join them on the journey and get a buffalo chicken wrap with an ice cold lemon lime gatorade from the soda fountain. Wish they had blue gatorade… Blue is better.



Wanted ProfessorMy Professor has been hiding his location, not just from me, but the entire ds106 community. Even Jim Groom doesn’t know where he is… Somewhere in the Pennsylvania mountains.  We need to find his location to make sure he is wearing pants, (inside joke) right Jim? This is my second go around with professor Bond is a wealth of knowledge and he always seems to have valuable input on every topic of discussion.


Call Me Dora ‘Cause I Got a Backpack

What’s in Jota’s bag?



For this visual assignment, you have to take a picture of what your character would carry in his or her backpack on a daily basis and then share a little info for each item! Jota (My character) seems to be tech savvy and a bit risqué.

List: (No order)

iphone 6 Plus: Have to stay connected with the world and stay ahead of the game all while doing it in style. Also great for calling mom whenever Jota needs some advice

Wallet: Credit cards, ID’s, cash, Insurance cards, Miami Top Golf membership card. Business cards. All essentials, all neatly organized.

Keys: Car keys, house key, NightClub master key, bottle opener

Extra Cash: Jota, also known as J-Money by his closest friends, always carries around some extra bills just incase life throws him an unexpected curve ball. Too drunk to drive you and that gorgeous lady back home from the bar? No worries, Jota is always prepared.

Oakley Sunglasses: Haters gonna hate so always carry some hater blockers. Also, Jota is a fashionable guy, always looking sharp and classy!

Pens & Sticky Pad: When you live life in the fast lane, a lot of information is spat at you on a daily basis. Jota will make sure he doesn’t miss one detail in that conversation he just had with you.

Versace Cologne: Life tip from Jota… Smell good. Your scent might make a lasting impression on that lady you met at the bar.

Condom: Like I said earlier… Jota is always prepared. Be safe.

Ipad: Nothing says business man more than a tablet with all the apps to wow anybody… or waste some spare time playing your favorite ipad game.

MacBook: If Jota doesn’t feel like wasting his time on games, he is prepared to get some work done for his new nightclub. From reading emails to typing proposals, Jota is a busy man.

Breathalyzer: Is Jota an alcoholic? lets hope not…

Flashlight: Being left in the dark is no fun. Jota’s dad told him to always have one handy. Never know when you could save the day with a little extra light.

Police Baton: This is considered a deadly weapon. This is meant for self protection. This item is to be handled responsibly and maturely. Other than that, no comment.



Sticky Paper is a Good Thing



Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 2.24.55 PM

When life gives you sticky paper… write stuff on it and sick ‘em everywhere!

With this being my fist completed writing assignment from the assignment bank, it was a simple task with endless ways for your imagination to travel. The Post-It notes and Grocery Lists assignment under the “visual assignments” asked you to be a character of your choice and write some notes that the character might have at their desk. I immediately thought this would be a great opportunity to knock the required “3 Stars” needed for my noir character.

Luckily I have a sticky app for my iMac which allows me to write sticky notes. I decided i would just screen shot those instead of making them from scratch. Look at me being resourceful…

I used my life as a little inspiration for the todo list. My car is filthy and my character, Jota,  just so happens to have an older mustang. Nest, being a business owner, I decided that Jota needs a mentor to help him succeed with his new Night club. Lastly, Jota is fortunate enough to have loving parents. He is a HUGE believer that family is first, no matter what. The Quote of the day is a classic. Jota always has a plan which helps him be successful. The next sticky is a question that will never be answered… Jota plans to change that. When a club is poppin’, you need some bouncers. Looks like Jota has a need to hire one of them. Lastly, his club is so new, that he doesn’t have a name for it yet… this note is one of the more important ones right now.

Once again, this was fun and I am looking forward to doing more!