I Will Find You and I Will Kill You.


For my last assignment of the week, I chose to make a business card for Lenny, the master-mind of Lenny’s Hitman Service. I figured that he might need some help getting business to practice on before he comes after me. Johnny “Corner Pocket” apparently hired one of his men to take me out after I took his dream girl. Hey Johnny… Theres a reason I got her and you didn’t.

Photoshop was used. The background of the card is a generic “noir” google search. Then the text tool was put into use to add the information. Super easy.



Lena Meyers <3



This digital assignment was to create a valentine card.

Jota Dinero just got married on Inside Talking’s live radio show. Its more than appropriate to give your wife a homemade valentine day’s card. Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick is not too thrilled about this whole situation. Johnny also made a card for his love and hopes for the best.

Landon and I found a generic valentine day card and imported it to photoshop. We first got Christine Loehr’s permission to use “Lena Meyers” face for the card. We lassoed her face out (that sounds awful) and placed it in the heart. We blurred the edges to add a nice effect too. We then used the text tool to add our personal message… My message is from the heart unlike whatever Johnny Corner Pocket’s message is… I wonder what he said on his card…?













Jota as a Cartoon?

I had to remake myself into a cartoon character for this design assignment.


I took a selfie and opened up a drawing app on my iPad, proceeding to upload the photo I had just taken. With my fingers, I drew over my face with appropriate shades and colors. I used darker shades on the left side to represent the shadows that were present. I then outlined my face and other features with black to really emphasize the cartoon aspect. I saved the final photo and emailed it to myself, then uploaded it to this post. I like the look of  how it came out, this is something I have never done before… This definitely made me laugh throughout the process!


I command You to be Motivated!


For this design assignment, I had to create a motivational poster. These posters are very common online and in office rooms above desks. Its just a picture  inside a black frame with a bold word or statement, followed by a sentence to motivate you relating to that bold word above. Its a simple concept with a simple design, however, it really can inspire others.

I first had to think of what I wanted to get people motivated to do. PARTY! Im a fan of this activity and I think more people need to do this more often. I came up with a reason to party by saying “Celebrate the good times, all the time.” Next, I had to get a picture to represent the theme. 4 Words. Wolf. of. Wall. Street. This movie is one giant party and is one of my favorites. Classic!

Now for the most important step… how does one put it all together? This is a case where thinking harder is better than working harder. I could have opened up photoshop and played around with it for a hour or so OR you can Google “Motivational Poster Generator” and you can find this gem. hahah ;) Like I said… Think harder, not work harder.



Jim is Practically Famous


… I don’t tell my wife.”

^^^Totally just kidding Jim. But seriously, the day has finally come… Where a professor uses his powers for evil and makes their students create magnificent pieces of art reflecting the professor.

For the design assignment, Professor Groom Poster, we’re making basically “a Jim Groom movie/TV show” poster. I had to choose a TV show/Poster and get a picture of Professor Groom. Cut his face out and put it in an episode of your choice/movie and make a poster out of it. I chose a pretty well known commercial instead of a TV show or movie. Jim Groom is now the most interesting man in the world who can apparently parallel park a train and hundreds of other cool things. He is the Dos Equis man!

I am happy on how it came out. I first found a head shot of Jim Groom and a scene from the Dos Equis commercial on google. I saved both photos on my desktop and opened up Adobe Photoshop. I imported both pictures into the program in separate layers. I then cut out Jim’s face with the select tool and saved it on a separate layer, proceeding to add it to the Dos Equis background. I had to adjust the size, placement, and rotation but that was easy enough with the select tool. Saved it as a JPEG file and now i’m here.

As I was doing this, I remembered that this picture is taking place in my characters night club, Jota’s in Miami. I always knew Jim had good taste in night clubs.

“Jim is a big fan of my night club, but he always gets the same damn beer every time but thats okay, some fellas know what they like in life.” – Jota


Read This With Your Eyes

One Story, Four Icons

For this design assignment, we had to tell a story using only four icons.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 3.04.05 PM

Can you guess what it is? I will post a link to what the story is in my next weekly summary blog post.

This assignment was recommended as it is a favorite in the ds106 community. I went to thenounproject.com for the icons and I had to make an account to download them, but was simple with the option to use your Facebook account to sign in. Also, I picked the free account and chose to give credit to the creators of each icon when I downloaded them instead of paying. Once I had my four icons selected and downloaded, I pasted them to a word document and took a screenshot of my story. Going back to the nounproject.com, I was really impressed with the selection they had. There were so many choices for each icon I searched for.