Week 13 – say what??

Week 13 – Johnny and I have wrapped up the night driver case. Boo-Yaaa

We began by posting the ITCC security surveillance video. This allowed us to identify suspects and provide leads to new clues. That video can be found here!

Next, Corner pocket and I posed our weekly posts. these posts consist of discussions on the weeks activity. a discussion on the surveillance cam, a interview with Rick Owens, the eagle patrol detective, and lastly, an update concerning the outcome of the case. Here is a link to those updates.

Lastly, I wrote in my DIE-ary. I have explained what exactly happened after the 6th update which was a doosey. This is a crucial post as its the most important to the case.

Jim asked the love finda agency to get the game back… we failed. Johnny and I know who has it though and we hope Jim is appreciative of it. Dammit Lena!



Love Finda out

Dear DIE-ary

Dear DIE-ary,

My Ex-wife tried to kill me today, Lena Meyers. She is a wanted woman now. She has quite the story behind her now too. First a vet student that become a talk show host who interviews famous celebrities, to then marring one of those celebrities (me), to killing a man on live tv, to now stealing a video game… her life is going down hill.

Anyways, this week, she broke into the Love Finda agency headquarters with Mossburg 500 pump action shotgun. She was trying to kill Johnny and I because she had discovered that we had a lead on her stealing the game. Johnny and I were in the middle of our update 6 while this happened… It was a good update.

She fired 7 shots (1 was in the chamber) and miss all of them. Funny how that works… Johnny and I live to see another day. Lena quickly turned and scrambled away before we had the chance to think of what was happening. I had so many questions. I still have so many questions.

Lena Meyers still has the game which means the Love Finda Agency has failed Jim Groom. However, there is good news… I did save 15% or more on my car insurance by switching to Geico. More good news, we know she has it from the finger prints analysis and surveillance video… now we just have to find her. Sorry Jim.



Love Finda Agency Updates

Johnny and I had had a busy week… continuing the quest on finding the Atari game Night Driver.

here are updates from the week.

Update 4

Update 5

Update 6


ITCC Security

Johnny Corner Pocket and I set up a security camera in the ITCC this past week… It was late at night so not too many folks were around however, some of the passing civilians seemed suspicious. I have entered their faces into a database system that recognizes faces and we have conducted interviews with them. Audio responses of those interviews will be posted soon!

Case Update – L|O|V|E|F|I|N|D|A

Our Agency has been hard at work. We decided to keep everything in audio updates. These posts will reflect our agency’s progress and be a means of communication to our followers that are concerned about the missing cartridge

Update 1

Update 2

Update 3

We created a poster that we will post in the ITCC Center in hopes this will bring us a lead. As new detectives, we believe that awareness is a crucial factor of importance to find this game.

Lost Night Rider


We are still currently producing the security video and that will be posted next week. Johnny and I are trying to make sure we have enough video evidence before we jump to conclusions.

Next, expect a diary post from both Johnny and I this next week. This post will reflect our opinion of each other and as well as our progress. This will be a nice addition to our audio updates as we can express ourselves with writing. We will also be alone so we wont have each other’s influence at that time.

Until our next update,

Jota out


Case Update


Johnny Corner Pocket and I are on a quest. Many lives are at risk and its up to us, the Love Finda Agency, to make sure this case is solved. Check out the case video here  Agent Groom has asked Johnny and I to find the the missing Atari console game.

This is my first update of our progress.

We both headed up to the 4th floor of the ITCC where the crime scene is. We both got distracted immediately by noticing red spiny chairs right down the hall from the crime scene. Many hours were wasted. Anyways, we took some notes and observed the surrounding. We looked under the couch seat cushion hoping Groom might have lost it there. Bad news… We didnt find it. Good news… Groom isnt that dumb.

We finger printed the room and are still waiting for the results. We will have to interview the faculty that have offices near by and see if we can get leads or tips. Maybe put up some LOST posters here and there.

Johnny and I are not detectives but we are confident that we will solve this.


Weekly Summary Week 11

Its week 11 and the number 11 makes me think of this video… Im half Scottish so its relevant to my family and I lol

I decided to change my mind about riding solo into the agency and instead, work with Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick to create an agency… I know I know… WTF? Ill explain why we are working together in the Lova Finda Agency next week!

For my 10 STARS this week, I did the following:

Character Resume

Pinteresting Character

Color Walk Time Lines

I also commented on blogs which can be found here!

Two Daily creates which included writing a poem and creating a birthday card for Maggie Black. Those can be found here!

Lastly, I still owe the class our video project from last week!!