Ten Commandments… I Mean Comments

what-are-ten-commandments_472_314_80Below are a list URLs for my comments.

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10. http://iamtalkytina.com/2015/02/what-colour-is-this-dress-thing/#comment-85892





A “That Group” Update

Many hours have been spent in the ITCC Audio room and its starting to take its toll on us. We are starting to get funny looks at us from people who walk by because it looks as if we will never leave. However, its all paying off. Our work is coming together and it is fantastic! I am super stoked to share the final project. We have finished all the commercials, bumpers, and actual talk show recordings… This just leaves the editing part and putting it all together. I hope to have this done by tonight!! Wish me luck!



I’m Feeling Blue and Orange

For this Daily create, I had to make (or modify) an image to make it suitable for an action film poster using primarily teal blue and orange hues.


This was photo was take nearly 4 years ago and it is absolutely ridiculous. I used photoshop and started with a blue and orange checkered background. I then uploaded that crazy picture and cropped myself out. This was a little difficult with the wild hair I used to have. Once I was pleased with the crop job, I pasted it on top of the checkered back. Last, I added the text so it would have the “Film poster” look. Haha I don’t even know what to think of this picture that I have Created.

What is Joy?

For today’s Daily Create, I have to post a video to YouTube showing 5 things that brings joy to my life.

1. My Dog, Bert. He is an 8 year old chihuahua and he is incredible. Not yappy and is totally chill. Also, he is quite the ladies man.

2. My 2006 Mustang GT. This is my baby. Over the summer, I love to go on road trips with no destination in mind.

3. Soccer. I grew up playing the sport and it has taught me a lot and allowed me to meet some really cool people.

4. Healthy Eating. Eating good leads to feeling good leads to joy.

5. Friends… duh. Haha

I made this video on iMovie on my iPhone 6 Plus. It was super easy. I had all the photos to make the slide show already in my phone. The transitions between each photo automatically appeared so that was coo. and lastly, the music was a preloaded theme song the app already had. iMovie even had an option to load the video directly to YouTube. iMovie pretty much did all the work hah

Radio Command 10-4, Over

This week wasn’t quite as busy, however; I believe this wont last as it is the calm before the storm with the radio show being due a week from now.

Storm beach waves noosa Calm before the storm

Here is the summary of my week with links to each post.

Radio Show Progress: Progress is a Good Thing. Our group, appropriate named “That Group” is in the middle of working on a noir themed radio show to be listened to over #DS106Radio. We plan to meet a few more times this week to make sure we really knock this project out of the park!

Radio Show Design Project: I had to create a radio bumper to promote our radio show that we are creating. I am really happy with how it came out… Its actually kind of sad how many times I have listened to it on my own time. Promoting Inside Talking / DS106 Radio is the name of that post.

Radio Listen-along:


Commenting: This week was a week to improve our commenting skills and increase participation. We had to comment on a minimum of 10 fellow classmates blog post and give our insight. Im not going to lie, I have not been the best at commenting in recent weeks and this really helped me out by realizing the benefits. I created a blog post called Do Not, Not, Comment. Commenting expanded my view on assignments as well as lead me to thinking of some pretty cool ideas. Lastly, it feels good when someone leaves you a nice note about your work, feeling appreciated in a way haha

Audio Assignments: I had to complete 10 stars under the audio assignments this week.

Mmmm Queso… 3.5 STARS

In this assignment, I had to create a cheesy (Reason for title) radio ad for my school. It was fun to crack some jokes at the university… all in good humor of course.

Jota is 3 STARS

I had to try to convey a certain emotion, such as fear, stress, sadness, etc. by combing sound effects. I tried to create the emotion of Unstressed (the opposite of stress). I would say relaxed but I don’t think that is an emotion. For the title of this post, I actually just forgot to finish it… I guess I got distracted halfway typing it and didn’t notice until I posted it. When I did finally realize, I laughed and actually kinda liked it so I left it.

Find Me in my Castle 3.5 STARS

For this audio assignment, I had to (dramatically) read the lyrics of one song and then add the music of another completely random song to create an abstract musical remix. I read Castle by Macklemore due to its crazy lyrics


Promoting Inside Talking / DS106 Radio

Our group is producing a radio show called Inside Talking and obviously this particular episode will relate to the noir genre (obviously)

I have already created a blog post that examined the techniques used to create this radio bumper along with the thought process I had. That post can be read here. Please read that for further information!

We will use this to open up our radio show and get things rolling. We are super excited about our ideas and what we have done so far!

Progress is a Good Thing


Im in group: That Group

That Group consists of Landon Epperly, Shannon Grubbs, Brian Coulet, Christine loehr, Lexy Maratellos, and myself.

We created a group google doc. and we laid out all the requirements that needed to be met. Once the fundamentals on the document was complete, we started a group text and agreed on a time to meet at the ITCC. At that point we came up with a guideline script as well as figure out the bumpers and commercials. Tomorrow (Sunday, Feb. 22), We are completing all of the bumpers and commercials as a team. This will allow us to focus all week on the actual show. We plan do be done with that step by next Friday (Feb. 27) so we can edit it all on the weekend, the weekend its due! This was a little post on our progress and I am excited to the next week.

Find Me in My Castle

Audio Assignment – Dramatic Reading Remix

For this audio assignment, I had to (dramatically) read the lyrics of one song and then add the music of another completely random song to create an abstract musical remix. The following content is explicit due to strong language.

I immediately knew what song I wanted to read for this project just because of the lyrics it has. Castle by Macklemore. The message behind the song is not the best but thats besides the point. I printed out the lyrics and opened up audacity. I started recording and read my heart out. Whenever I would mess up, similar to my last project, I would pause for a second and start the stanza over. As I have said before, this makes the editing process easy. Once I got the entire song down, it was time to pick a song. I went to my iTunes library and sorted the songs by time duration. My final fead was approx. 3:50 long so I was looking for music with similar times. I closed my eyes and randomly clicked on a song and this was the one. The Prayer by lil Wayne haha. I imported it into Audacity and had to adjust all the sound so the reading wasn’t drowned out.

I am actually really not happy with the way this came out. I think reading these lyrics wasn’t as great as I had hoped it would have been. Idk, Its missing something?? But yeah, not too thrilled with the outcome. Any suggestions?



Mmmm Queso…

Audio Assignment – Cheesy Radio Ad For Your School

If you had one guess what I had to create for this audio assignment, I bet you’ll guess right.

To create this cheesy radio ad I opened up ole’ faithful, Audacity. I began by gathering some thoughts on what I wanted to bring up. I decided on…

1. The Parties

2. Our Snow Angel

3. The Food

I clicked the record button and improved on each of the three topics. Whenever I messed up, I pause for a second and try again until I was finished. This allowed me to edit out the flaws at the end with the cut tool in the application. I then added some background music. Its as easy as click and drag to import the audio file. I had to trim the song to an appropriate length and also had to lower the volume of it so it wouldn’t drown out my voice. Lastly, I added the fade out effect on the background song to complete it.