This info graphic was presented in class today and I thought it was fascinating.

The pros and cons of online dating were discussed and the arguments can differ from person to person. Pros were easy to spit out by the group presenting however, the cons seemed hard to come by. What does this mean? Is our future of relationships going to be dominated by a computer screen in front of our eyes or even our mobile devices? Guess only time will tell.

Four words: Forever alone flash-mob…

“Online-dating is like shopping.” – Jim. lol made me chuckle


Group ARPAnet update 2

On Monday, Jack Hylan and I explored the campus for victims… I mean participants for out ARPAnet interviews for our presentation. We asked several students, staff, and random people among campus to answer 3 simple questions. The responses were hilarious. The answers were all over the place from deep thorough thoughts to blank stairs into the camera. We are looking forward to share the clips with the class, should be fun!

Social Media’s Impact on Politics


I am going to be Honest here. No matter how much politics I see on the Internet and social media, I will still be a Republican at the end of the day. However, to the uninformed American citizen that really doesn’t know whats going on, social media may persuade their vote. Social media is surrounding our culture and has a huge impact on many decisions.

I am sure there was a fella or two last election who based their vote on something they saw on social media. Anyways, social media has not impacted me enough on the topic of politics to persuade me. My family has done that already and I do not believe that anything will have the same power to make me change my mind.

Group ARPAnet update

Really excited where our group is going with our topic! We met last Friday and discussed our topic and composed a class agenda for the date of our presentation, having every minute planned on a schedule. We plan on doing interviews with students on campus, asking them some simple questions, getting their response on camera. Should be pretty cool. We even started forming our presentation as well; we are really trying to smash this one out of the ball park by making it great!



So Jim left us this week… Guess we’re not good enough for him. #Whatdidwedo?

Anyways, today’s group presentation is covering the topic of cyber bulling. When did it start? Where did it originate? nobody knows.

We discussed new and upcoming ways of how cyber bulling is spread. Yik Yak apparently is an app that has just become popular and already has hit the streets as a way to bully. you post a comment and everybody within a 20 or so mile radius who has the app cans see it. The catch is that your comment is anonymous. The app is a brilliant idea, however it has a lot of potential to be dangerous.

Next… is Cyber bullying a pandemic? I don’t think so. If it was, it would be on the news 24/7 until the problem was fixed.

A question that I thought of is… “If actual, physical bullying occurs, and it is recorded with a camera and posted to the internet… is that considered cyber bullying? What defines cyber bullying?”

I have noticed a lot of students outside of the class are joining us for discussions. I think that is awesome how this class is so interesting that people want to come!